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the great illusion

Discover the orchestral version of "Mr Jenkins" performed with the Orchestra of Pau!

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“The Great Illusion” is Djoe’s brand new & ambitious project, an album that will be released exclusively through the form of music videos, every tune will have its own visual world.

​Each track holds a different surprise for you, including a feature with a full 70-piece orchestra, 
several DMC champion DJs and some of the hottest rappers & singers about today, collaborating with Djoe to deliver his own musical world of Experimental Hip Hop tinted with oriental and southern Spanish sounds.

As a turntablist & Producer, Djoe has acquired and developed his style travelling in England, France & Spain since childhood. Still today he is hopping around the different capital cities of Europe, with his favourite and most regular stops being Barcelona & London.

His new album, “The Great Illusion”, is a testimony to his lifestyle & multiculturalism, regrouping flavours, styles and languages that he has come across in these creatively booming cities. 

The tracks from “The Great Illusion” will all be available for **FREE** download, every month, on Djoe’s soundcloud page! So don’t miss out!